The Mystery of Three Choices – Adam’s, Christ’s, and Yours

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According to the the scripture, God has dealt with the human race through two Representative Men: Adam and Christ, both of whose choices affected all of humanity. When Adam disobeyed God, he did so for all humanity; when Christ obeyed even unto death, He also did so for all of humanity. The bad news of the first Adam has been overwhelmed by the good news of the Second Adam, Christ!

Since Christ has come and has legally redeemed humanity, no person can legiti­mately use Adam’s sin or sinful flesh as an excuse for sinning. Because there were two Adams, and the second has legally redeemed that which was sold out by the first, each individual human person has a choice.

On earth man alone of all creatures has the capacity to know God’s will and to choose for or against God. Adam in sinless flesh chose to disobey God. Christ in sinful flesh chose to obey God. Therefore, now, it is not our nature but our choice which is the critical factor in the definition of sin. What is YOUR choice?