The True Church Prepares For Her Final Conflict

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The average historian has no clue to the meaning of history because he ignores the only infallible source book — the Bible. For most people, historians included, politics is the center of history for any given period. To most people, the stuff of history is the part played by the great empires of the past, including the leading political, military, and financial figures associated with them. But the historians of the world have missed the point altogether. There is only one philosophy of history that makes sense, and that is the Biblical philosophy.

The center of history is not its great empires like Babylon, Greece, Rome, Egypt, or their modern counterparts such as Russia, China, or the U.S.A. To locate the center of history one must bypass all these vast empires and the glittering names associated with them, and find his way to a tiny land called the navel of the earth, the center of the world. And in that tiny land is a tiny hill called Calvary where two thousand years ago a Man named Jesus was lifted up to die. That Man, hanging upon that cross amid the taunts and jeers of the passers-by was, is, and shall ever be, the starting point of history and the central personality of history.