2015 Camp Meetings Announced

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Each year the work of the third angel of Revelation 14 advances and new territories are opened. We are happy to announce that camp meetings are needed in more territories in 2015 than in 2014. The challenge of scheduling so many events is a wonderful challenge to meet since it means that the work is swelling to a loud cry. Please note the new camp meeting time and location and the changes in the dates for the previous camp meetings. As we near the close of the work here on earth our opportunities to meet in the fellowship of the Spirit are more and more precious. We hope to enjoy camp meeting with you this year.

Kenya, Africa:                                      April 11-18
Philippines:                                          May 8-16
Maracas, St. Joseph, Trinidad:     July 3-12
Manchester, Jamaica:                      
July 17-25
St. Maries, Idaho:                                August 7-15

For on-going information about each camp meeting please contact us or contact the following:

Kenya, Africa:
Demetrius Leach

Linda Baker
(509) 288-2744

Maracas, St. Joseph, Trinidad:
Roger Kistow

Manchester, Jamaica:
Owen Barnett
(876) 280-9994
(876) 839-8059

Sheryl Richards
(876) 862-7040
(954) 353-9704

St. Maries, Idaho:
Victoria Johnson
(208) 318-6430

Linda Baker
(509) 288-2744

Alyssa Goeman
(313) 590-2466